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Miniature Crafting

Dollhouse scale miniatures are either the dreams or memories of their makers. Treasures found here will help you make your creation unique.

Supplies and DIY findings

We've been known at shows specializing in foods and dining accessories as well as a huge variety of "little bits". Here the "bits" will be the first priority as we reduce our stock on hand to a manageable level. Our tables typically reach over 30 feet at shows so there are thousands of items to include.

We're using the power of the web to share the result of years of collecting, creating, and scrounging diverse items that we are certain will be useful. Descriptions of items may include ideas we (or other customers) may have had for their use, but please don't limit yourself! Your imagination is your most powerful tool when crafting scale scenes.

If you have seen us at shows, and know an item we have had on our table in the past, or need something specific for a project, ask! Ask us on Twitter, Facebook, or privately on the contact us page to see if we have particular items available and possibly hasten their inclusion.

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